Paint Palettes

In deciding on a new paint palette for the Copper Creek Community, the ARC committee wanted to give the individual owner an opportunity to have an individual look and at the same time, enrich the look of the neighborhood.

A broad spectrum of Benjamin Moore paints was selected for their richness of color. Benjamin Moore paint is sold at Ace Hardware, however the colors may be color matched at other stores. There are three colors on a sample card. A single color or two on the same card may be used without review. The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) will need to review any other combination. The colors are listed here; however, the samples have been removed from the website, as they did not represent the true colors.

At the time of your decision (even if you are just using one color), please submit a sample of your color choice(s) with an ARC submittal form to Stratford Management for your file. Forms may be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., faxed to (520) 742-3053, or mailed to PO Box 37020, Tucson, AZ 85704.  Please note that your ARC submittal must be received by Stratford Management on or before the preceding Friday to be considered at a board meeting.

Please know that this process does not apply to perimeter walls. Exterior yard walls should remain Travertine (by Frazee Paint), unless a submittal to paint a wall to match the house color is reviewed and approved by the Architectural Review Committee.

Approved Paint Color Combinations
(Name and Number by Benjamin Moore)

PDF Version 


Name Number   Name Number
Danville Tan HC-91   Hancock Gray HC-97
Wheeling Neutral HC-92   Providence Olive HC-98
Carrington Beige HC-93   Abingdon Putty HC-99
Gloucester Sage HC-100   Sussex Green HC-109
Hampshire Gray HC-101   Weathersfield Mass HC-110
Clarksville Gray HC-102   Nantucket Gray HC-111
Davenport Tan HC-76   Greenbrier Beige HC-79
Alexandria Beige HC-77   Bleeker Beige HC-80
Litchfield Gray HC-78   Manchester Tan HC-81
Bennington Gray HC-82   Fairview Taupe HC-85
Grant Beige HC-83   Kingsport Gray HC-86
Elmira White HC-84   Ashley Gray HC-87
Jamesboro Gold HC-88   Bryant Gold HC-7
Northampton Putty HC-89   Dorset Gold HC-8 - TRIM
Crown Paint Sand HC-90   Chestertown Buff HC-9
Norwich Brown HC-19   Shelburne Buff HC-28
Woodstock Tan HC-20   Dunmore Cream HC-29
Huntington Beige HC-21   Philadelphia Cream HC-30
Waterbury Cream HC-31   Wilmington Tan HC-34
Standish White HC-32   Powell Buff HC-35
Montgomery White HC-33   Heppelwhite Ivory HC-36
Mystic Gold HC-37   Greenfield Pumpkin HC-40
Decatur Buff HC-38   Richmond Gold HC-41
Putnam Ivory HC-39   Roxbury Caramel HC-42
Tyler Taupe HC-43   Jackson Tan HC-46
Lenox Tan HC-44   Brookline Beige HC-47
Shaker Beige HC-45   Bradstreet Beige HC-48
Plymouth Brown HC-73   Mesa Verde Tan  AC-33
Valley Forge Brown HC-74   Valley Forge Tan AC-35
Maryville Brown HC-75   North Hampton Beige AC-38 
Grand Teton White AC-42
Briarwood PM-32 TRIM